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The Very Basics of Viagra

From its introduction to the pharmaceutical industry in the year 1998, Viagra has already made itself popular for the wonders it brings to men. Its generic name being sildenafil, Viagra helps treat erectile dysfunction among men by relaxing the muscles and by increasing blood flow to some parts of the body. But before one can just use this drug to solve his dysfunction problems, one must first know some of the basics about this little blue pill. men solution

Belonging to the group of medicines known as phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors, Viagra helps a man get a natural erection through the stimulation in the blood flow. However, one should know that sexual excitement is still needed for this drug to work. To be clear, Viagra only helps a man have an erection as it does not provide for or increase sexual excitement. men solution kapsler

To be taken only once a day and with the doctor’s prescription. It is also important to obey the directions given by either the doctor or the pharmacist, and if there be a conflict between their instructions to that stated in the label, it is best to follow that of the doctor’s as he has a personal evaluation of one’s condition. Furthermore, the dosages given to different person varies. Some men’s dysfunction can easily be treated by a 10-mg pill but there are some who will need a higher usage, as that of a 50-mg or a 100-mg dose.

However, no matter how low the dosage given to a person, the frequency of taking the pill should not change – it must strictly be taken only once a day, as the body needs a 24 hour interval in between pills. Viagra-users also have shared some practical useful tips in taking the medication, that being avoiding consuming food at least an hour before taking Viagra or swallowing the blue pill with a full glass of water.

Viagra is not to be prescribed for those who are taking any nitrate medication as this may cause a drop in the blood pressure. Other conditions which bar the use of Viagra are as follows: having liver, chest or kidney problems, having an eye illness called retinitis pigmentosa or if one has an allergy reaction to Viagra and other similar medications.
As with other prescribed drugs, there are also normal side effects caused by Viagra, some are headache, nasal congestion, indigestion and rashes. This should not at all cause some alarm unless they become permanent. Usually, a lower dosage of Viagra eliminates the occurrence of these side effects. However if one experiences sudden vision or hearing loss, irregular heartbeat, swelling of hands and feet or even a longer and painful erection, medical attention should be required as these are considered serious side effects which need to be immediately treated.
If one experiences difficulty in having an erection, then Viagra is the definite solution. Although considered as a heaven sent to the gentlemen of today, the little blue pill should still be taken with caution as with most things, it has a limitation of its own. To know more about this drug, it is encouraged that one consult his doctor.

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